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Prices | Individual and group rates

For an individual, prices will vary depending on the sport, level, location, and type of event, but regardless of those variables all individuals are guaranteed a minimum number of high-quality, well-composed, print-ready images.

The base price for standard youth or high school field sports (soccer, football, baseball, etc) during the regular season and considered local is generally $300. Please see the services section for a compete explanation of what that price includes.’

Group packages are a great way to save some money, and ensure a large number of nice images for things like team banquets. Again, the rates will change based on circumstances but, for instance, a group of 10 utilizing the group rate at the previously mentioned soccer game would save $100 per person.

Because there is a significant difference between a three hour football game, and a four minute gymnastics routine, and some events require lighting, press passes, or greater travel, the best way to determine pricing is to contact Stop Motion Photo at (617) 297 – STOP

(All prices are subject to change. Please contact Stop Motion Photo for a quote.)