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Services | Personal Sports Photography

Stop Motion Photo offers a variety of services, mainly focused around providing memorable in-competition photos and images of athletes at all levels: youth, high school, college, adult, professional, etc.

We operate roughly between Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. Travel fees to some locations may apply.

Shoot, Edit, Print. These are the primary services included in standard individual and group packages. The athlete is captured before, during, and after competition, and then the best photos are professionally edited to produce the richest and most exciting prints possible. Most standard prints are then available at cost, with the option for framing, large prints, etc.

Graphic designs based around athlete photos are great way of having very unique product for personal enjoyment, self-marketing or recruiting, or to impress your friends. Stop Motion Photo is able to create posters that make you look like a pro, specialty items to use as gifts, and everything in between. Be sure to request examples when you schedule your shoot.

Videos and slideshows are common place these days, but when they’re being hand-crafted by a graphic designer using high-quality images, it’s still possible to really ‘wow’ the audience. Stop Motion Photo can create the perfect presentation for an end-of-year banquet, or DVD you can send to the grandparents.

Sports portraits are out-of-competition photo shoots that result in stunning images of individuals or groups. These portraits capture athletes doing what they love to do, but in a completely different way, and look.